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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Red Solo Goblet!

A Note:   Let me start with a little introduction... I'm from a big family in a small town in Texas. We're KIND OF rednecks, in some ways. At family dinners, backyard barbecues, church gatherings, parties with our friends, we use one drink cup; Solo brand cups. So, as a joke, for my sister and brother-in-laws anniversary, I decided to make them these "fancy" Solo goblets! I went to the Dollar Tree to get my supplies, and left for three bucks. This could be the cheapest craft yet!
I also love this craft, because once the glue gun is ready it only takes about a minute to make :)

Plastic Cups
Candle Stick Holders
Hot Glue Gun (Preferably Low-Temp)
Crazy glue, Super glue, Glass glue, Crafting glue, etc.

Glue It!
Using your bonding agent, leave a ring of glue on the rim of the candlestick holder.

Stick It!
Turn the cup upside down, with the opening on the ground. Press the base to the center of the cup. If you're using a hot glue gun, wait a second before this step so the plastic doesn't melt. If it does, however, simply peel the glue off and try again with another cup!

Use It!
Now, just wait for it to dry and you have your own super (non) fancy Solo Cup Crystal Goblet! ^,^
Happy Crafting!

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